Burningbird Just Shelley

Bored and bruised

A friend wrote that rather than do any kind of formal break, just write when I feel like it, don’t when I don’t or don’t have the time. Good advice. I also heard from old friends, in comments and in email, and well, it was nice. Meant a lot to me – about as much as the old, and new, friends mean to me. Time to kick this bird in the butt and do some damage.

Besides, I was getting bored. I hadn’t tangled with anyone for the longest time. So, to make up for it, earlier today I tangled with the Little Green Football folks – yeah, the Chartreuse Balls Gang – over their warped sense of humor (and most other things, too), but that’s for a later post.

I’m on a strict getting in shape campaign that has been doing wonders for my physical well being. For breakfast I have orange juice and a banana, cheese and salad for lunch, good, well cooked meals for dinner and little snacking. Hard work with weights Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and strenuous hikes Tuesday and Thursday and on the weekend. It’s paying off too, my stress is down, and I feel better.

It’s paying off, too, in general physical health. For instance, my blood pressure today was 112 over 72, which is pretty darn low. Of course, I know what my blood pressure is today because earlier this afternoon, while I was hiking, I fell on a hill when I slipped on loose rock.

Yeah, rather than paying attention to the walk I was looking around, which is mistake number 1 to 100 while hiking. When I started to slip, I tried to dig my foot in and managed to twist it completely end over end, and then joined it falling down the hill. I lay there at the foot of the hill for some time calling out for help because I had thought I had broken the ankle, but no one was around. Finally, I just picked up my butt and limped out of the park, drove home (oh, and that was really fun) and then had my roommate take me to the urgent care clinic.

No breaks, but I am on crutches for possibly several weeks with a badly sprained ankle and foot, torn ligaments, injured knee, and all sorts of fun stuff. Not to mention bruises all over.

Still, could have been worse. And I managed not to break my camera and was actually able to bring you one whole photo from today’s hike. Oddly appropriate looking, don’t you think?


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