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Break time

Break time on the book. I’m currently working on the RSS chapters, and haven’t I been careful when discussing the history of RSS. I’m also finding that I like the RDF working group’s new specification split. Either I’m getting a feel for their reasoning or I’m getting rummy from trying to meet an editorial mark Monday evening. Either way, it works.

You hate cat pictures? Hate really cute cat pictures? Then don’t go here (thanks to Head Lemur for heads up). Speaking of cat pictures, I’m still waiting patiently for cat pictures from someone in the community who shall go nameless (but you know who you are).

Dave helped Tara Grubb with a new web site, URL to be announced. I think this was a nice thing to do, but paused over:


As I was putting together the initial blogroll, I decided to link to Howard Coble, her opponent. I wondered how Tara would feel about it. I just walked her through the new site, and when I explained this part she literally shreiked with delight.



I’ve started my own process of determing my vote. For senator, I’ll most likely vote for Jean Carnahan, though I don’t care for the widow rule, myself. However, she’s preferable to James Talent, and the Libertarian candidate Tamara Millay is stressing the rights of citizens to bear arms a little too much for my taste (and the balanced budget amendment has no place in the Constitution). Her position on the issues (Tara, you need one of these) has good points, but they seem to lean a little heavily on the side of the Social Darwinists for my taste.

Frankly, none of the candidates is a blinding flash and a defeaning roar. (We’ll see how many old time SciFi readers there are in the audience.)

You know, if I lived in one place long enough, I think I’d run for Congress. No, seriously. I’m fairly confident that no party would have me, but I could have such fun in Congress!

Just think of the possibilities….

(And on that note, back to the book.)

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