Burningbird flies south for the winter

I started out taking a break because I needed it, and I came back because of work on the RDF book. I opened my mouth — again — which has not had universally postive results. News that started out good turned out to be not so good; and friendships have been permanently lost. Friends mean a lot to me.

This is a time of holidays and family and friends for all of you. You do not need the Burning Bird of Gloom perching over your heads waiting for a bright glimmer of joy so that I can swoop down and tear it to shreds. Gloom just does not become me — all that black.

I am resuming the break I took earlier and stopped prematurely, in order to focus on things that you all don’t really need or want to know about.

Happy Chanukah! Merry Christmas! Bright Kwanza!

See you next year.

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