Candlelight Vigil

I will be attending one of the candlelight vigils tonight. I was surprised, and heartened to see how many there are in St. Louis. There’s three in my immediate vicinity, alone.

I won’t be holding a candle though as I’ve volunteered to try and get some photos of the event. I say ‘try’ because I’ve not had the best of luck with my digital camera in low-level illumination. I have a flash, but I’m concerned it will be too bright, and will ruin the effects of the candles. Oh well, will do my best.

I think one thing we’ve learned since the last major global anti-war demonstration is that these demonstrations aren’t for everyone; neither is some or even all aspects of the anti-war movement. We must remember to respect each other’s beliefs and choices, if what we say in these demonstrations means anything at all.

We’re heading into tense, difficult times. Regardless of what each of us believes, we have to keep in mind our respect for each other. Our service people in the Middle East deserve our respect. So do the people of Iraq. It just breaks my heart to see two groups who deserve respect having to kill each other because a few men, deserving of no respect, have demanded it in their arrogance.

Sorry. Sorry. Candlelight vigils and hope. That’s the ticket. Hope.

Today will only be about hope.

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