Can’t spill coffee on a digital book

Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

One very nice perk of being an O’Reilly author is getting full membership in O’Reilly’s online digital book library, Safari. I think about the 34 boxes of books I have stored back in San Francisco and can’t help but feel that digital is really the way of the future. At least for technical books.

(I still like the feel of a ‘real’ book when I snuggle under the covers in bed for a nice read before heading off to sleep. I love the feel of the covers in my hands, the sound of the turning page, the illustrations and type face, and the slightly acrid, dusty smell you get sometimes with an older book from the library.)

When I was out at Safari tonight, looking something up about Python, I noticed that one of the book’s I helped write and organize for O’Reilly last year, Unix Power Tools 3rd edition, is currently Safari’s most read book.

Don’t you like the unexpected gift the most? That was a very nice little egoboo to help me as I work away with Practical RDF.

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