Change, change

I’ve finished moving the rest of the webloggers off the old site to the new. It will be a tough time for a day or two until the DNS change propages for Loren, Michael, and Malcolm. I’m still waiting to hear from Frank when he’s ready to convert from Radio to Movable Type and join up – and I bet he got a real impetus to do that today – but that’s a new account, not a move.

I still have to get my own sites finished. The work is tedious, and I’d rather redesign the front end or something fun of that nature, but it has to get done. One change I decided to make is to drop the Practical RDF weblog and use the Semantic Web for Poets site for any RDF related material. I want to keep book-related material in one spot, at the official book site, rather than scattered between the two places. I am finding that this is becoming confusing to the readers – they don’t know where to go for updates, or that there are updates to the material or samples.

To abruptly change the subject of this post, and change my earlier desire to stay home and read, I do want to take another road trip, sooner rather than later. If all goes well, I’ll be on the road a week from today, and you’ll never guess where I’m going. Well, to be brutally honest, you most likely don’t care, but even if you did, I wouldn’t tell. Neener.

In the meantime, today is 70F and sunny, the snows are coming in on Sunday, and I’m going to find a place to hike that isn’t under water.


No Pings I

Another side effect of the move is that trackback pings were not working on my sites, and the trackback templates were broken with the photo blogs.

However, I am a highly trained technical person, with over 20 years of experience, a degree in computer science and skills beyond most mortal men. Women too. I put my keen sense of troubleshooting to work, determined to hunt down this error and kill it, kill it dead.

It was grueling. It was a true battle between woman and machine – a struggle of monumental proportions. However my talents pervailed and I found the error – somehow the file didn’t get copied to each of my sites. Trackback didn’t work because, in effect, Trackback wasn’t there.

This move has been a tough move. This week has been a long week. If you’ve pinged me this week, you might want to send that ping my way again. Sorry.

(And at this point, Loren is frantically making backup copies of all of his files before I move his site first thing in the morning.)


I’m here. Where are you?

If you see this, then you’re seeing Burningbird in the new home. Expect rough times this week, as I continue the move. For instance, I’ve had to drop my recent comments/trackback list, though I am working an alternative. I also have several trackback pings that I have to find a way to move from there to here.

Hopefully the move is a smooth experience for SiFarrago and the ever popular and far too quiet Mr. Golby.

Moving on Monday (17th): Joe Duemer’s Reading & Writing (new digs in that direction)(Done), and the ever infamous Stavros the Wonder Chicken’s Empty Bottle – the site that proves yes, chickens can be scary.

I’m glad that I’m splitting For Poets sites from the Burningbird installation, and putting the photos into their own domain, – but what a lot of work this has been. Work that’s continuing, but I can’t hold the rest of the gang up while I screw around.

Still, it will be very nice to be all clean and sparkly, and ready to do some front-end design.


Many thanks to Girlie Matters for a dirify function in PHP I was able to incorporate into my recent trackbacks/comments. This emulates the Movable Type dirify function that converts titles to file/directory naming compatibility.