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Brer Fox

I’ve only had the time for two fall photo shoots, though I hope to get out a little more in the next few weeks. I’ve included some photos from the Botanical Gardens in this post. When at Botanical this week I noticed out of the corner of my eye a small, orange animal running across […]

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A Globally Warmed Fall

One impact of global warming could be seen easily this week in the stands of trees around St. Louis. At Powder, most of the forest was badly hurt by the recent high temperatures, which ended up cutting short what should have been a colorful scene. The forest had few birds and the deer were gone […]

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Earth Day 2006

This Earth Day I’m featuring photos from the Show Me Mobile Aquarium; the large semi-truck size fishtank filled with native Missouri fishies currently on display as part of the Earth Day offerings at Powder Valley Conservation Center. There’s a new self-portrait at the end of the post. This year the tank had something different: an […]


Thank You JohnnyB

I received a new comment today to my post, Confluence. The post was based on a trip I took last year to Cairo, Illinois, and the comment was from a man who signed himself JohnnyB: I grew up in Illinois in the 1960s and remember the race riots in Cairo in 1967 and 1969 and the […]

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An archive of this page, with comments, is available at Wayback Machine Saturday was the Artica event downtown, which promised many photographic opportunities. I wasn’t up for the crowds, though, and headed towards the Botanical Gardens to look at leaves turning color. The leaves were still green except for a sugar maple here and there. […]