Best of luck finding a suitable employer

Roger Johansson I believe having more content creators and ”authors”, i.e. web designers and web developers, in the HTML Working Group would be good. Unfortunately I think it’s hard to find web professionals who can spare the time unless they get paid to participate. I know I can’t. When I mentioned something virtually identical to […]


HTML4 is to markup

In an interview at WebScienceMan titled, XHTML Users: Grow up!, the interviewee, Sitepoint’s Tommy Olsson answers a question as to whether he likes XHTML with, Grow up! 🙂 Seriously, XHTML is long dead, due to a decade of horrible abuse. Not even the bleached bones remain.. Mr. Olsson believes that we should be using HTML 4, strict […]

HTML Semantics

Separating presentation from semantics

After all these years, we have finally reached the point where we’ve separated page organization from presentation, and now we’re about to embark on the same mistakes again, but this time with presentation and semantics. I’ve been following the issues associated with the vocabindex Drupal module, including one where the person submitting the bug stated the […]

Specs Technology


Harmony is a very good thing. For some time now, the ECMAScript working groups have been split into two camps: one supporting ECMAScript 4, another ECMAScript 3.1. The former was a more radical leap forward in ECMAScript (JavaScript), while the latter favored more incremental progress. Ajaxian, John Resig, Simon Willison, and a host of others are referencing […]

Standards SVG

Zooming with SVG

I wanted to highlight a comment Bruce Rindahl made to an earlier post (with his permission): is a modification of a project I have been working on. I hacked together some code to mimic the animation effect of the Hard Rock site. First some credits. The original work was funded by the State of Colorado and Division of […]