HTML Specs

The HTML5 longdesc attribute is finally home again

I found out that the W3C had transitioned the HTML5 attribute @longdesc to Candidate Recommendation (CR) status from a tweet by John Foliot: And now, @longdesc is an official W3C Candidate Recommendation: – I believe @shelleypowers owes me a beer 🙂 — John Foliot (@johnfoliot) August 2, 2014 Yes, I believe I do owe […]

Media Specs

Mozilla reluctantly embracing H.264

Recovered from the Wayback Machine. Interesting doings this week on the HTML5 video front. Brendan Eich of Mozilla has stated the organization will now provide native support for H.264. In Video, Mobile, and the Open Web (also cross-posted at his personal web site), Eich writes: What I do know for certain is this: H.264 is absolutely required right […]


Any element can be replaced by something more relevant

Recovered from the Wayback Machine. I only check in to the doings of the HTML WG at the W3C once a week. Most of my time is spent on my new book, Learning Node. Frankly, Node has been a refreshing change from the smoky labyrinth which is the HTML5 spec process. I’d check in with the Working […]


If it had remained the irrelevant attribute

Recovered from the Wayback Machine. The latest round of discussions related to longdesc (yes, still) was triggered by a revert request from Laura Carlson: As you know the editor made changes to the hidden section [1]. This biases an open issue [2] as it directly implements a material change from a change proposal [3]. The […]


This page isn’t valid…and who cares

I covered my recent experiments in using SVG in HTML in SVG in HTML. I linked two different example pages with SVG inline in HTML: one dependent on HTML5 parsing (Firefox nightly), the other using the library, SVGWeb. There’s another difference between the two examples other than just their implementation. The first example, dependent on a browser parsing […]