Close up and not so personal

I am late to this game, but I thought if I was going to be writing about tags, I would try out the various software that people are using. So, I finally signed up for a flickr account. Yeah, give me time and I’ll probably get one of them new fangled touch tone phones, too. And I’ve heard that computers now use more than 64k ram.

Today I took my 60mm macro lens with me to the orchid show and played around with very shallow depth of field. My favorite of the photos I’m posting to my own photo site, where I can more easily control the surroundings and the size. But I uploaded a group to flickr and you can see a slideshow of them here.

I did find flickr to be extremely well organized and designed — very intuitive to use. And the site is very generous with photo storage, and provides some nifty tools and what not. The only thing I don’t like about it is that it does resize the photos and though this can usually be done without too much degradation of the image, I notice a difference. But hey, it’s free and easy and rather fun to use. I think it will be a good place to put photo groupings, and reserve my site for favorites.

Most of the photos I took today were of flowers smaller than a quarter, in some cases, almost as small as this letter ‘o’. I am always amazed at the variety of shapes orchids can take, and how much they can resemble other things.

For instance, I long noticed a similarity between orchids and daffodils. A little research shows that they both come from the same family, as does the iris, onion, and asparagus. I also found this wonderfully charming story about orchids that’s worth a read, as is the rest of the web site if you’re a gardener, naturalist, or just love trees and plants.

But to return to orchids and resemblance, doesn’t the following orchid remind you of the Martian camera from the classic movie, War of the Worlds? No seriously, all you would need is three tiny little lens in red, green, and blue.

Or this — there’s a reason it’s called ‘lady’s slipper’.

Then there’s this, which looks like…well…like…um…right.

I know, stop screwing around and finish the comment stuff and the tags opus. I am easily distracted–no more attention than a jack-daw.

(I tagged these under orchid, flower, and burningbird — let’s see where they show up.)

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