Comment spamming and ultimate solutions

The comment spammers now seem indifferent as to whether their comments show up or not. Their (or I should say ‘his’ since it’s one known person) behavior is more in the nature of a malicious act than anything else now.

Good comments are now ending up in my moderation queue solely because the spammers hit so much they trigger the throttle. At this time I’m putting in controls that close a post down for comments if it’s over ten days old. No more moderation queue, which disappoints me.

This is a high priority item in Wordform — to come up with a solution to the comment spam problem without closing out good comments, and without blacklists that can be fooled into blocking on good sites, and without registration. If I do come up with a solution, will you all crown me Queen for a Day?

In the meantime, I have to just shut the door on past posts.

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