Cool baby

Today dawned unseasonably cool, which meant wonderfully comfortable. I grabbed my camera and headed to the zoo to meet the new baby elephant, Maliha, a name that supposedly means “strong” and “beautiful”.

I don’t think I’ve ever been in the midst of a group in as good a mood as the those who were at the zoo today. I stopped to look at some pink flowers, and a mother with her two small kids stopped and said she thought they were lilacs. At the elephant compound, mothers and fathers were trying to make a path through their kids so that I could get closer to take photos–even going so far as to point out where the baby was, and did I catch it doing such and such?

I think it was the cooler weather–it really was an awful summer. I also think it’s my miracle 70-200 mm vr lens. People are friendlier and more accommodating when I use the Big Lens. I don’t mind it; in fact, I like it. It’s really nice to chat with a group of people, as we look at a baby elephant romping about or another elephant rocking from stress because the weather is changing.

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