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AKMA’s a host at one of the BloggerCon dinners, which means that he leads a table of people in a discussion on a subject that I guess he sets. It sounds a bizarre custom and confining, but if I were going to BloggerCon, I’d sign up to have dinner with AKMA. Even if Mexican food isn’t necessarily on my agenda at the moment.

The discussion about BloggerCon and Weblogs and Politics and Weblogs and Journalism is becoming equivalent to fingernails on chalkboard for me lately, though I like many of the players involved. It seems the more we seek to justify weblogging, the less fresh and exciting it becomes.

But I have to be brutally self-honest: perhaps the real reason for my irritation with all this fooflah lately is that I need another hiatus from weblogging. A long one this time, not my usual one or two weeks.

When JonathonAllan, and Chris returned from their long breaks, all three seemed to return with renewed interest and enthusiasm in their writing, though I see in them, now, a stronger balance between their weblogs and their offline lives. Healthy. I think the days when weblogging was synonymous with daily quick postings is over. Weblogging is just is…whatever it needs to be for the person. And sometimes, not weblogging is what a person needs.

I talked with the doctor today and got the good news/not so bad news story. The good news is the cyst on my lung discovered last week was not cancerous – it’s a benign growth, a result of a malformation that occured when my lungs were developing before my birth. I gather that we humans are full of little imperfections – like bubbles in old glass, adding a unique characteristic to what is otherwise, plain old dull glass.

I’m glad to get this news, it was a bit of a worry. Makes you think, you know?

However, they also found stones in my gall bladder, and this combined with some symptoms I’ve had over time means that I will be having my gall bladder removed*, probably in the next few weeks. This makes as good a reason to take a break as anything, though having one’s gall bladder removed is no big thing.

I’ve been trying to get caught up on promised stories and essays before I break, but the rest will have to wait for when I get back.

*update Gall bladder removed at my young age. I guess I need to take some of my down time and get my butt in better shape, hadn’t I?


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