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Crickets: Comments, HTML5, and Drupal 7

I did turn the comments back on for the post, Maxwell’s Silver Hammer: RDFa and HTML5’s Microdata. Well, until the post gets overrun by spam, or until the crickets chirping drive me batty, whichever happens first.

My idea of comments on this site, and redirecting from the others didn’t work. It left people confused, and the connection ended up being overly complicated. I figured, when it seems right to open comments, I will.

Speaking of communication, it’s always fun to read stuff like the following in the WhatWG IRC logs:

[23:02] TabAtkins: Like, okay, I dislike Shelley Power. I *really* dislike her. But she performs a very valuable service by strongly disagreeing with stuff, and offering reasons why she disagrees that you can actually address. I rarely agree with her reasons, but I can *understand* them, and that’s really useful to have.

Probably one of the many reasons why the HTML WG is not a place for me. Oh, not so much the acrimony, though lordie knows there’s a lot of that. But, for better or worse, I’m a writer. I may not be the best writer. I’m certainly not the most successful writer. But writing is how I best contribute back to the tech world. I can do more, writing in my space, then I ever can on the HTML WG.

Including writing about my newest experiments with Drupal 7. Yes, I’m walking on the wild side, and have installed a Drupal 7 site. I am über geek woman, hear me type.

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