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Day lilies and lotus blossoms

I spent several happy and restful hours at the Missouri Botanical Gardens yesterday. We’re in a period of cool weather, and the day was overcast up until getting ready to leave.

Overcast skies make prettier flower photos, especially when the sprinklers are still going, dusting the petals with plenteous fairy tears.

Rose Courtyard

day lilies being watered by sprinklers

Yesterday, the day lilies and gladiolas were in peak bloom, and I managed to catch the tail end of the Lotus blossoms in the Japanese Garden.

star day lily

purple gladiola

Lotus blossom in bloom

fully bloomed lotus blossom

I call this one, “Eat, and be Eaten”. Poor little bee didn’t have a chance.

Bird pulling bee from lotus blossom flower, holding it in its beak

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