Day of photos

I spent most of the day at Shaw’s Nature Reserve yesterday, walking about, sitting in the sun, thinking, thinking, and also playing around with the camera.

Shaw’s is a popular place for photographer’s in the region and I noticed one man with his tripod taking careful closeup photos of the individual flowers as another man carried his tripod about getting larger more scenic shots. And then there was me, digital camera in hand and nothing else, just wondering about. If one does not have the accoutrement of the serious photographer, can one be a serious photographer? If one is loaded down by the accoutrement of the photographer, is one serious?

Rather than trying to pick out one or two photos, as usual, I decided to create a new photo weblog called Today’s Photos. When I spend a day taking photographs, I’ll pick out specific ones, grouping them into five weblog posts. Accompanying the photos will be anecdotes about the picture, including any background information about the experience of taking the photo, what I was attempting to capture, why, and what I like or don’t like about each picture.

By doing this, I can show more photos without increasing the bandwidth use for this weblog — something I’m sure you modem users will appreciate. I’ll still post photos here as I have in the past, including my poetry/photography pairs. However, the new site allows me to have a little more fun with the photos.

When I do post a day’s effort at the new weblog, I’ll include a posting here for the day with thumbnails to each individual entry. I’m using Allan Moult’s technique of using a slice of a regular photo as thumbnail, rather than using a smaller picture. We’ll see how it does.






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