Deeply disappointed

I am deeply disappointed in the Democrats in Congress, who felt they had to “compromise” in the interests of re-election and pass a bill to allow offshore oil drilling.

I can understand the political maneuvering—about having to give in to the SOB in his SUV, or get voted out of office. I can agree that removing the oil company tax credits is way overdue. But the whole point on this bill is to cater to ignorance; to play the numbers game. We’re compromising now, we’re told, for the greater good later. Compromise so that the Democrats will win, and keep winning, because the alternative is just too horrible to consider.

Not long ago, the sci-fi writer John Scalzi wrote, There’s no actual office for ‘President of the left’, when explaining why Obama has made some of the moves he has. Today, we know there is no Congress for the left, either. However, we seeming few on the left will continue voting Democrat because we’ve been properly terrified of what will happen if we don’t.

Fear. This election is based on fear. The Republicans generate fear of terrorists, and the unknown. The Democrats generate fear of the Republicans. What does this state say about this country?

Tomorrow I’ll put on my happy face and be a good little soldier and tell everyone about change is happening, and a better day is coming. Yeah, a better day is coming. Especially for insurance companies. Can’t let the insurance companies go hungry, no sir.

Tonight, though, I’ll mourn the fact that there is no President for folks such as me. No President, and no Congress, either.

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