Denying gay rights

President Bush just came out with support for a Constitutional Amendment to ban same-sex marriage. I don’t think anyone is surprised about this – it suits Bush’s religious agenda, and it should satisfy those who can’t leave others alone.

Make no mistake on this one: no matter the semantic games we play, this is an amendment that would build deliberate discrimination against an entire group of people into the Constitution – the document we depend on to ensure everyone has access to full rights. More, the amendment as now worded could potentially break holes between the separation of federal and state government, as well as most likely closing down the concept of civil unions.

Our Constitution, our very way of life and that which we are so proud of, our freedom is at stake. And no, this is not hyperbole. I could only wish it was.

Also remember that all gays want is to have their love and commitment recognized, and not to feel like they are worthless or deviant in the eyes of the American people. They’re not asking you to change–your sex, your marriage, your religion, your life, your love, your way of living – they’re just asking to be left alone.

So next time you express, in words or vote, how ‘oogie’ gay marriage makes you feel, spare a moment to think about how a gay person might feel right about now.

And say a little prayer in mourning for the Constitution.

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