Just Shelley


Today was a totally wasted day trying to get my car registered in Missouri. First there was a trip to the county assesor’s to get a “property tax waiver”. Next, waiting over an hour at an auto shop to get an ID/OD. Finally, this afternoon, I went into the DMV office to turn in all of the paperwork, only to be told that I need an emission inspection.

But, I told the lady at the window, I was told last week I only needed the ID/OD.

No, the lady told me, I needed to have an emission inspection.

But, I told the lady, my car’s brand new.

Tough cookies, babes.

The emissions place tells me that, no, I don’t need the emissions inspection; I had moved, not transferred title. So I call the DMV office and speak to a supervisor. She concurs, I don’t need the inspection. The person helping me earlier today — after waiting over 1/2 hour in line — was confused.

If the people who work in the DMV don’t know the laws and rules, how the hell do they expect the rest of us to figure them out?

So, tomorrow morning, with supervisor’s name in hand, I go back and get this finished. And then I can return to working on the friggen RDF book, which is due in two weeks.

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