Doc and Dave sitting in a tree…

Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

Doc sent an email out to a bunch of folks this morning, pointing to a new work he and David Weinberger created, World of Ends.

Doc asked for comments. I sent them in an email, but then it dawned on me that Doc might actually prefer a link. I am a slow woman on Fridays. So here’s the link, and my comment:

While I may appreciate the eloquent writing, the strong beliefs, the reasoned arguments, as well as the hope as dewy as the grass beneath a young maiden’s feet as she trips about gathering in the cows to milk (are ‘cow’ and ‘milk’ bad words now?), I have to tell you my first reaction on skimming through this was:

Oh good lord what is this? A variation of “I’m okay, and you’re Net”?

However, I have been accused, a time or two, of being contrary. Not going with the flow. Breaking the circle. I will endeavor to read this again after I have a nice long walk, in the hopes of adjusting a deplorable tendency to say “but what does it mean?”. I will then be of a mind to bask in being an end-point, and to learn to believe in the power of the bits. (Well, before we blow ourselves to even smaller bits in war, that is.)

Thanks for the link, Doc.


I will, of course, be treated the same as the fly that buzzes around the potato salad at a picnic: as just one of the nuisances to be endured when one has open food in a open eating area. Ignore, and continue the feast.


The World of Ends has been slashdotted, which should be sending lots of buzz winging its way.

You really have to check out the comment thread titled “World Ends”. Funny insight into the Slash Dot phenomena.

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