Doing a Cartman

According to Melinda Casino, I gather my response to Mary Hodder’s post is a case of my doing a “Cartman”. Since I don’t watch the show, I checked what Wikipedia has to say on this character:

Cartman’s personality has notably changed over the course of series. While always self-centered and bigoted, he was portrayed as more of an immature brat in the earlier seasons. As the seasons progressed, his personality became more aggressive and cunning, eventually crossing the line into outright sociopathy, while his bigotry morphed seamlessly into Nazi-like hatred. His abilities to manipulate other people into doing what he wants have become keener, along with his overall intelligence. He has expressed admiration for Adolf Hitler in several episodes. Cartman’s pet peeves throughout the show have been hippies, whom he despises for a number of reasons, and Jews (especially Kyle Broflovski).

I really do appreciate the comparison. Perhaps Melinda will follow this clever bit of journalism with something more substantial, because I’m not sure if I earned the comparison because I was critical of Mary Hodder’s post, or because I could not throw aside my book, and my only source of income, in order to lead a session at a BarCamp.

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