Dojo creator interviewed

Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

Agile Ajax is interviewing Dojo creator Alex Russell (via Ajaxian) and I was pleased to read the comment about closure:

As a language, JavaScript is still horribly misunderstood. All real power in JavaScript comes from understanding closures, the “everything is always mutable” property, and the prototype chain.

These are actually concepts I covered in my book, though they are complex and I was concerned about the ‘learning’ part of Learning JavaScript. However, these are concepts that pop up in conversation among the Ajaxian set, and in regards to the Ajaxian libraries. As such, I thought it was important people be aware of what they are.


Second part of interview. Some translation: GWT is Google Web Toolkit, a Java/Ajax framework. COMET is a description of streaming Ajax accessed content, rather than using polling. Think of IRC channels, and you’ll see streaming in action. Apollo is Adobe’s new effort to merge Acrobat and Flash. Dojo uses Flash for client-side storage that extends beyond the cookie limits.

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