Burningbird Copyright

Domain for sale

Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

A quick note — Tim Hadley wrote a very detailed careful analysis of the Creative Commons license from the perspective of webloggers in general, Movable Type specifically. In particular the section that relates to the permanence of a CC license is worth extremely careful perusal if you’re thinking of pushing the button to have MT add CC licenses to your weblog.

Also, from what Dave Seidel said in my comments I could be looking at weeks of email spam problems. If this is a continuing problem, then it will show after midnight, as it did yesterday. We’ll see in the morning.

By default, I have all emails that don’t specifically go to anyone else come to me as main webmaster. This means, then, that the email spam messages come to the shelleyp AT burningbird DOT net email address.

As an interim solution, if you need to send an email to me, please use a new email address I created to bypass potential spam email floods: bb AT burningbird DOT net.

The domain is coming up for renewing in 45 days. I consider this problem a sign of the times, and I’m going to look at either letting it expire, or the possibility of selling it. The acronym YASD does have significance to Japanese and other electronic game players, so I might be able to make a few bucks. Maybe enough for my server.

I hate to lose the domain, though, I’ve had it since early 1996.

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