Domain names up for grabs

I have several domain names coming up for renewal and I’m letting them go. I thought I would list them and their renewal expiration date in someone might be interested in any of them (not that I think you would be – domains tend to be fairly personal): – 4/21/2003 – 6/27/2003 – 4/1/2003 – 5/26/2003 – 5/17/2003 – 4/9/2003 – 4/19/2003

I’ve used a couple of these for years – and This means you would get 404 hits for these items. This also means you’d have a built-in audience if you focus the domains on the affiliated subjects: is computer and internet technology, while is earth sciences and the environment.

I’m willing to transfer ownership before expiration if I can do so without any cost on my part.

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