Down the path walked three…

Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

Since techie woman does not live by beating up on techie men, alone, I thought I would get outside, have a nice walk.

Powder Valley was my choice of destination today, but in addition to the Ridge trail, I also walked the little 1/3 mile Tanglewood Trail. Since the latter is handicap accessible, it makes a nice gentle walk for cooling down from the peaks and valleys of the other trails at PV.

Along the Tanglewood, the rangers had stationed implementations of projects you can work on to make your backyard wildlife friendly. Projects like creating brush heaps, planting wild grape, or building backyard ponds. An effective use of trail space to educate people into taking responsibility for the environment.

At the end of the trail is the the restrooms with a sitting area and a wild bird habitat. As I neared it, I noticed movement on the trail in front of me. Three wild turkeys were walking towards me, looking like so many other walkers I’ve met along the paths. Except those walkers didn’t have feathers. And things hanging underneath their chins.

The turkeys moved off the trail as I approached, but didn’t go far. I was close enough to the birds to smell the stuffing and see the marshmallows bubbling on the sweet potatoes.

In my mind, I named the birds, but I’m not going to tell you whose names I used.

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