Just Shelley

Driving in circles

Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

Actually, it felt rather good to write that last posting, though I know I’ll piss people off. Probably people I care about. But then I ask myself, why do I care about them if my being honest would piss them off?

I went to the Red Cross orientation earlier today, following directions given at Mapquest. I took Hayden to 64 to South Lieberman. And I drove and drove and drove. Just when I decided I must have gone the wrong way, I realized I recognized where I was at — I had come full circle, home.

It’s North Lieberman. North. North.

However, I got a chance to see some huge mansions, and I also got my first chance to flip the bird to a driver today. I followed a large truck in the right hand lane when all of a sudden I noticed it was a turn only lane. I flipped on my light to get over and looked for an opening. The guy behind me LEANED into his horn, without a break.

So I flipped him the bird.

There goes my driver good conduct metal. Plunk, hear that sucker being dropped into the trash.

Yes. That felt good, too. And I wish I could blame this act, and the last posting on Evil Twin — but they were both all me. All mine.

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