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Email to Representative Jeanie Riddle

sent as email this evening to Representative Jeanie Riddle, based on an audio recording from HB 131 debate

Representative Riddle

I listened with shock to your accusations of domestic terrorism against Wayne Pacelle, and in fact against anyone who is a strong supporter of Proposition B.

I remind you that the citizen initiative process is part of our State Constitution. It was added for those times when the people of a state could not get satisfaction from their state representatives, typically because of undue influence by special interests among the legislative members.

Over 190,000 people signed to put Proposition B on the ballot. Over half the people (of this state) voted for this bill in the last election.

Since then we have been insulted and maligned by various members of the Missouri State Senate and House of Representatives. We have been told that we were “misled”, which is just another way of these reps saying we were stupid to vote for Proposition B.

Now, in your rant on the House floor, you not only demeaned the dignity of the Missouri House of Representatives, you called every supporter behind Proposition B a “domestic terrorist”.

How dare you disparage people who have committed no other act than to disagree with you. You should be ashamed of yourself, and your words. You should apologize on the floor for your outrageous accusations and slander, but I realize that anyone who thinks so little of the majority of Missourians would not possess the integrity to recognize how much you have wronged all of us.

Shelley Powers
Thankfully, not a member of your district

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