End goal

I have some things I want to publish by the end of the month – long delayed LAMP essays, not to mention some older material on domains I’ve let lapse that I want to duplicate here so the work is not lost.

I am surrounded by half-started projects and half written essays and good intentions and now I’m choking on them. Now is the time to finish, and be done.

I want to end this month on a good note. If there are any comments to these new posts, they’ll be related to what I write, or they’ll be gone. And under no circumstances can my space be used by people wanting to get a message to someone else, or to fight battles that originated elsewhere–abusing the privilege I accord my readers, not to mention the hospitality of my home.

I would rather have comment spam then webloggers who use my space to hit and run. At least there is a form of honesty associated with the spam.

Additionally, I am taking great care in my writing to make sure there is no flint to spark against, no flames to fan–unless the flint is of imagination, and the resulting fire is the same flame I hoped to spark when I created my first weblog page, back in 1995. No battles will be fought, no dragons to be slain–all I see now are windmills.

Which means that my space will probably become very quiet.

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