Burningbird Diversity

End of the week

hadn’t planned on jumping on to this year’s seemingly annual look at the appalling state of women in technology, as painfully demonstrated at tech conferences. It’s a subject I’ve lost a lot of heart in fighting–not because there are fewer women then ever before, but because too few people seem to think this is a problem.

The issue of women in technology will never be effectively solved, or even fought, within weblogs. I think weblogging is actually counterintuitive to true social change. If I continue to work for change, and that’s a big if now, I’ll do so outside of the weblogs.

So why did I respond to Eric? It seemed like the marketable thing to do.

I’ll leave the comments open for a few days on the post, but remember, none of these posts are being migrated to the new weblog; none of the new posts and the new comments. Feel free to copy what you want, but I’ve already made my snapshot. Don’t want to waste your good words, but I definitely don’t want to go through another WordPress weblog merge.

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