Enough with the

Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

…babble, let me tell you about the new toys I’m thinking of buying.

I’ve decided that if I am going to seriously pursue photography, then I need to invest in the equipment to hopefully build some decent portfolios. One such is to get a Wacom tablet to use for both drawing and work on photography; another is to get a decent photo printer.

I started looking at the Epson Stylus 300, but ended up drawn to the higher end products: the Epson Stylus 2200, and the Canon i9900. The two seem to be the top contenders, from comparison reviews I found online.

I think I’m going with the Canon, not the least of which it’s cheaper, and the 2200 is being replaced. And the Epson print heads are a problem. Canon paper isn’t as cheap and available, but I gather that Epson paper can work for the most part.

I have to be careful with this expenditure, and make the best choices. Whatever printer I go with will have to last a good long while.

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