Even the flowers are drooping

I returned to the Missouri Botanical Gardens today to explore the sections I missed from this weekend. This time there weren’t many people about since the Japanese Festival was over. The sun also came up after a week of rain and a nice walk appealed. I forgot about the humidity that can follow a heavy rain.

The Garden is very beautiful, probably one of the best I’ve seen. I like the mix of modern but simple art work incorporated among the various gardens. I also like the nooks all over the park where one can get off the main path, sit a while and listen to the birds, look at the plants. The children’s garden has walks that only a child could go down, which I thought was a great idea. Parents could sit by the fountain and relax, and the kids could walk about in relative safety. Clever.

The rose gardens were on their last leg, which means the scent was terrific. That’s the way of roses, elegant to the end.

I took several pictures, but early afternoon bright sunshine is lousy light for photographs. Especially of flowers, which can have subtle coloring. I was framing a photo of the bridge that leads to the island that holds the sacred tea house when a couple walked on. I waited, they talked, I waited, they continued to talk. Finally the man got down on his knee, and I thought, “Why is he getting down on his kn… Oh!” I think she said yes because when he got to his feet, she threw her arms around him. No photos, though – that would have been rude.

It was a blah, blah day and it showed in my photos. I trashed them all. I think I need a long weekend, to see if I can rediscover my energy and weblogging zing.

Uh oh. I used the W word. I’m going to get spammed.

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