Everyone’s so angry

After our hike yesterday, I and roomie stopped at a local take out place for some dinner, both too tired to cook. As we were waiting another customer started getting uptight at the person behind the counter. However, just as abruptly as he lost his temper he calmed down. After he left, the next person helped mentioned something about the guy getting angry over something pretty trivial. The counter person replied that it had been like this all week. “Everyone’s so angry”, she said.

Everyone’s so angry.

Seems to me about the worst thing we can do is get angry at each other. I know, I know. I said that anger can be a healthy thing, and it can be. Anger can pull you out of depression, and can galvanize you to make a change, in the world and in your life.

But getting angry because adding a sauce costs extra for a sandwich isn’t healthy. Neither is getting angry because a person doesn’t agree with you. And last I heard, throwing rocks during a peace demonstration never convinced anyone to stop a war.

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