Feministe on Rape

Feministe has an extraordinary essay today on Rape is a Men’s Issue. She writes:

My boyfriend roasted a customer at work this week for his choice of attire. A college student walked into his store wearing a “Free Kobe” t-shirt. When B saw the smug student wearing the shirt, he whipped his head around, put on his meanest face and snapped, “That shirt is fucking stupid.”

The kid looked shocked, Bryan said, and it was clear he felt something akin to shame or stupidity. Good.

However, many of the young men that Bryan work with were unaware of what the shirt meant. When Bryan explained that Kobe Bryant was on trial for rape, they understood, but didn’t seem to bothered by the ordeal or the provocative nature of wearing that offensive attire. That complacency bothers me.

I keep wondering how many people are out there wearing the same shirt.

As she finds out, too many. And more.

Excellent points, and excellent writing.

(The font is a bit small so wear your glasses, don’t miss any of the words.)

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