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Finished the Draft

I finished the book draft today. I don’t remember ever being so tired when I’ve finished a book, previously. Perhaps it’s the cumulative effects of all the words written, code samples created, proofs read, edits made, reviews read with trepidation.

Next week I need to review the errata for the Learning JavaScript book, so those making the language translations can start with clean copy. Then on to the Adding Ajax editing. By the first of March, I’ll be ready for a break. During that time, I might see what I can do incorporate some of the stuff I wrote about into my own sites.

Books, that now makes lots of books:

Powerbuilder 5.0 How-To, July 1996

Special Edition Using PERL 5 for Web Development, October 1996

JavaScript 1.0 How-To, December 1996

Dynamic Web Publishing, December 1997

A couple of chapters for a book on Perl that I can’t remember the name of the book’s title.

Java 1.1 Unleashed, 1997

Maximum Java 1.1, 1997

The Power Guide to Dynamic HTML, January 1998

Developing ASP Components, 1999

Developing ASP Components, 2nd Edition 2001

Essential Blogging, 2002

Unix Power Tools, November, 2002

Practical RDF, 2003

Learning JavaScript 2006

and now…

Adding Ajax, with estimated publication in June, 2007

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