Firefly and Battlestar

I rather liked tonight’s episode of Battlestar Galactica. It was twisty and turned a lot and I even liked the subplot with the Adam and mechanical Eve back on Caprica. Loved the last scene and the jazz and the whole crew dancing together.

The development of the female characters in the show continues to be terrific. They are wonderfully strong, independent, and, most importantly, consistent. I do think there are too many characters and subplots to be managed effectively, and I’m surprised more people haven’t noticed that Baltar talks to himself a lot. Still, it’s rich, and I’m glad to see SciFi hasn’t ‘mainstreamed’ it.

If you’ve not seen Battlestar and don’t have the SciFi channel, you can at least see the first episode, as SciFi has released a complete recording of the first episode including outtakes. (Thanks to SFCrowsNest for link.)

However, as good as Battlestar is, it doesn’t compare with Firefly, and I wanted to extend a thank you to those of you who recommended it. I rented the DVDs, watched them, gave them to my roommate, he watched them and then immediately went out and bought himself a copy. Now I’ve watched the series again — especially the Train job, which is one of the better of the episodes, though Out of Gas and Trash are, also, exceptional.

Can’t wait for the movie. Perhaps Firefly fans who are also bloggers should get together in one city and go see it at the same time. Anyone want to see the release of Serenity in St. Louis, September 30th?

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