Flawed Safari on Leopard

It would seem that Apple released Leopard with the branch of Webkit that can’t hack certain uses of SVG. Because of this, you won’t be able to see the comments, due to the use of SVG to provide head and footer caps surrounding my comments.

This was a known problem with Webkit, and I filed a bug. I’m disappointed that Apple would release a broken version of Safari. I mean, it’s not as if the company isn’t taking a hit for it’s use of graphics in Leopard, already. At the least, it could put out software that’s working.

In the meantime, I may end up pulling my use of SVG. Or I might ask if you would please use another browser and let Apple/Safari/Webkit know that the browser’s handling of SVG is broken.


I found the problem, and anĀ old unassigned bug related to this at WebKit.

What’s happening is that the SVG is expanding to fill the entire containing DIV element within which the SVG is placed (when display is set to ‘block’, not ‘inline’), either wiping out or ‘hiding’ the other contents. I surrounded the SVG in the comments and sidebar within a containing DIV element, and the SVG is no longer ‘overlaying’ (or removing) the rest of the content.

Question is, where is the bug here? Me for not embedding the SVG element in it’s own DIV element? Or WebKit for wiping the other content out on the parent element?

Regardless, the SVG is now working for Safari on Leopard.

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