The earlier black & whites were from a roll of film that I found deep in my camera bag. They make a nice break from the color slides from the hot air balloon race.

This week has been a tough week, with the increased violence in Iraq, and the devestation that Hurricane Jeanne wrecked on Haiti. It looks like Florida will get hit. Again.

The political race is heating up, and today I filled out the rest of my profile as a volunteer to monitor the elections here in Missouri for TechWatch. Missouri was one of three states that had contested election results in the last election, and the race in this state grows closer with each passing day. Some pretty ugly campaigning here, too.

I am pleased from what I see of Kerry lately. There is a sureness to his speaking that’s hard to deny – a determination and a steadfast resolve to stay on the issues. We must not get sidetracked into defenses against outlandish claims; we must stick on issues, no matter how much this race gets focused into values .

There’s much at stake.

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