I have several tasks that need finishing, and I’ve set myself a deadline to finish them. The projects include an overdue software documentation project (which should give hope to the poor soul waiting on it); an article on syndication feeds for O’Reilly; an outline of a presentation on RDF for XML 2005; a PHP nuSOAP interface for the new Newsgator API for a client. As such, posting will be light until all of it is finished.



Last night, I did take a break to go to the Forest Park Glow: the lighting of the hot air balloons before today’s hound and hare balloon race. It was about the most amazing thing I’d ever seen. The weather was perfect–cool and overcast and without the heat that’s oppressed the area this summer. The crowd was mellow and excited and friendly, and the balloons! Dozens of them, dotting the hill at Forest Park below the World’s Fair Pavilion. I had my camera on my tripod and spent three hours dashing everywhere to take pictures, always with an ear for the signal to call all balloons to light ‘em up; chatting with friendly folk every where I went.


When I got home, I became quite sick–whether food poisoning or something else I don’t know, though I’m suspecting the something else. Because of it I had to forgo the actual balloon race today; more time to work on the projects, which makes me so very disciplined. Besides, I had so much fun at the Glow last night that I didn’t mind.


That last paragraph used a semicolon. I use these frequently, without being aware that semicolons are bad, according to US usage. Not, though, according to a great article written by Trevor Butterworth, pointed out by Tim Bray. Now, if I could only cure myself of comma overuse.


The fall rains started this week, bringing with them the cool of Autumn and the promise of hikes again in the woods among trees heavy with colorful leaves. I have forgotten these walks; this summer has been too long.

Look for photos from time to time at my Flickr account.



Fine quip and counter-quip on punctuation and alcoholic beverages by Joe Duemer and Trevor Butterworth–the author of the aforementioned article on semicolons–here.

What I want to know from these masters of English and elixir is: if commas are beer and semicolons are single malt whiskey, then what are dashes and ellipses? Are exclamation points the jello shots of punctuation?

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