For my little duckies

Last time you get lava lamp photos, my little duckies. In celebration of that fact, a few links and other assorted non-lava lamp related items:

Sheila Lennon points us to a Providence Journal presentation honoring Martha and Waitsill Sharp, the 2nd and 3rd Americans named to Israel’s “Righteous Among the Nations” for their work in helping Jews flee the Nazis in World War II.

Congratulations to Ethan Johnson on the launch of Vision Monthly, an online magazine with writings by various webloggers.

The Blogher web site has undergone a change in both appearance and focus. It now features columns by webloggers, including Jeneane from AlliedMelinda from Sour Duck, and Anne from Anne 2.0.

I’m still unsure that creating separate group weblogs for women and a separate weblogging conference focused on women is the way to achieve equality among the sexes in weblogging, but many of the people involved are having a wonderful time and perhaps in the end that’s all that matters. So best of luck to the Blogher folks on their newest well organized efforts.

That resounding *pop* you heard recently was because Google fall down and go boom. What does this mean? Hopefully it means the end of all the built to flip crap we’ve been subjected to recently. Oh, and I found this story over at

Scott Reynen has created a fun new game based on the Flickr API: Fastr. Guess that tag and go to the head of the pack.

I am not a game player, but I like Scott’s effort. To keep things even, when you play against the group the points go back to zero when a new ‘game’ starts, so anyone can join in and not feel frustrated about trying to keep up. And it’s interesting to see how people tag different things. Some of the topics are easy to guess; others, though, make me wonder what goes through people’s minds when they tag their photos.

Though not as fun or imaginative, I like my own Flickr-based game: the Flick-a-Pair photo matching game (as primitive as it is by today’s Ajax standards). It’s not the game that appeals, though it does help the memory and lord knows my memory could use help. No, it’s the convergence of photos that occur from time to time. Most often when I play the game, it’s a hodge podge of photos, none of which stand out over much. Every once in a while, though, I get a mix that makes me wish I could capture the photo grouping, as is and keep them forever.

Recently I had one of those. I played the 6 x 6 game and all the photos were either dark red ties with varying conservative white diagonal lines in multiple poses against a black background; or two chihauhaus, brightly lit by flash, laughing into the camera.

A few days ago I pointed to a Slashdot article covering the giant octopus attacking the mini-sub. I mentioned how the granddaddy Slashdot can still hold its own against new babies like Digg. Susan Mernit pointed to a Thomas Hawke article on the traffic he gets from the three big flow engines: Slashdot, Boing Boing, and Digg. He mentions that Digg is catching up when it comes to flow, and talks about how Digg recently joined some new network called FM Media. I confess that I have absolutely no idea what “FM Media” is, but I look at Digg comments compared to those of Slashdot and I don’t think that Slashdot has much to worry about. There is such a thing as quality over quantity.

Still, at Digg I did find out about Geek Logic’s Image Browser for the Mac, which is rather fun to use. It’s not Adobe’s Lightroom, which I’ve already decided to buy when it releases (wonderful product). But it is free, and fun, and that makes a good combination. And look: it’s found all my lava light photos.

Which, for your sakes, I am not publishing.

You can thank me anytime.

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