Just Shelley

For those about to rock!

Sometimes it seems that life is found moments of delight interconnected by serendipity.

I looked out my window this evening, astonished to see people everywhere, as well as boats crowding the harbor. Checking online, I found that there was a fireworks show in front of my place tonight, the KFOG Kaboom.

I could have watched the show at home, but what’s the fun of that?

I walked the few blocks down to the waterfront, merging in with a very good natured crowd. As we entered the viewing area, I heard a guy in low-voiced consultation with his wife:

“They’re going to be searching your purse up ahead.”

“It’s okay, I left the gun at home.”

I’m sure they were joking. Though, this is America…

Tents were serving beverages, including my favorite margaritas; I got into line, enjoying the voices and interactions of the people around me as I waited my turn. When I ordered my drink, the person serving gives me a big smile, and returns with my drink served in a double cup.

“You’re the lucky double cup.”

He then yells out to the crowd behind me, “We’re all out!”

I flowed with the crowd until almost to the water, finding a fairly calm and decent spot by the fence, listening to the music blaring out over huge loudspeakers. To the left was the Bay bridge, outlined in lights. To the right, a fleet of boats, most silhouetted in bright colored lights.

Rock n’ Roll! A Rock n’ Roll fireworks show. Better and better.

The DJ came on and introduced the station to the crowd and then yelled out “Let the fireworks begin!”

What followed was 20 minutes of the best fireworks show I’ve seen, perfectly correographed to the music. Smiley faces and gold waterfalls. Red hearts and purple and green planets admid silver galaxies. Around me was the happy and excited voices of the crowd, bodies swaying and swinging to the tunes, breathing in the strong sweet smell of canibus.

Well, this was a rock n’ roll fireworks show.

Finally, to the strains of “For those about to rock”, the finale: explosions of fireworks so large and so close, they lit the harbor as the crowds vibrated from the percussion.

When it was all over a 10 minute walk had me back in my own apartment as a quarter million people made their way home.

I love this city.

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