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Fox News interviews with Jason Smith

Fox News has done an outstanding job questioning Jason Smith on his mother’s kennel and his legislative efforts—both to rip apart Proposition B, and the Constitutional amendment prohibiting any citizen initiative about animals.

Part 1 is focused primarily on Smith’s mother’s kennel and the perceived conflict of interest.

The second part is focused on the Constitutional Amendment.

Smith truly believes that only farmers can make laws about farmers. Do we then change the Constitution that only cops make laws about cops? Teachers make laws about schools? Restaurant owners for restaurants? Chemical plant owners make laws covering toxic waste? Food producers make the laws covering the safety of food?

We had an example of what happens when an industry makes it own rules last summer, with the Deepwater Horizon catastrophe.

The farmers of this state are someday going to have to realize that we’re their customers, not their enemies. And they’re going to need to start to work with us, not around us.

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