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Front Window: A photo essay

If you’ve been reading my weblog for a bit, then you know that every once in a while I post photos from my front window. Well, I hadn’t done this recently, so I thought I would update you with new views from this last week.

There are two multi-mast sailing ships in the area, and I lucked out and was able to capture a photo of both of them when they were out on some kind of maneuver. I don’t think there’s anything more beautiful than an old sailing ship. The very look of them conjures up the mystery of the Far East (and those of you reading this from the Far East probably got a laugh from that one) — new lands, new people, unending ocean vistas, and adventure. Especially adventure.

One great thing about living on the Bay is that you can see some really lovely weather. Especially when a storm rolls in. We in the South Beach area call ourselves the sunniest part of San Francisco, because we’re the last section of the city that gets covered in fog when it rolls in.

Last week we had a little excitement when some guy climbed over the security barrier around the Bay Bridge. Two National Guardsmen walked over to check him out, but he was only some kind of photographer or tourist who wanted to take a photo of the Bay Bridge, the security barriers, and the soldiers. The Guardsmen here are getting to used to this and usually allow folks to take their photos. They know they’re here for the long haul and they have to get along with the “natives”.

Speaking of soldiers, the Governor and the California National Guard are trying a little cost cutting sleigh of hand. What they’ve done is put two National Guard trucks in the CALTRAN lot next to the Bay Bridge so that it _looks_ like Guardsmen are here, but they really aren’t. The Guardsmen do come, but usually only on the weekends or when there’s another alert (most of which are not published, but we know when they happen).

Now, this won’t fool any terrorists. An hour of easy snooping will show there are no soldiers about. The only reason the powers that be are doing this is to fool, well, the citizens of San Francisco. News for you Gov, Guard — we’re foggy, not stupid.

They finally took down the shack in the parking lot next to the Bridge. However, a homeless person has moved into the area, complete with bed. I’m not sure which impacts me more about this: that the person has “violated” the restricted area around the Bridge and no one cares; or the fact that the homeless have mattresses they carry around with them. Mattresses! In this the richest country in the world, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that the homeless in San Francisco, probably one of the richest cities in the country, have beds. Looks like they’re here for the long haul, too.

From an eco point of view, nature is reclaiming Beale Street. Maybe we can go down and dig up the cement and plant something. Grass, and a tree.

No, not a tree. A sniper could stand behind a tree.

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