Just Shelley

Funky Bird

Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

I am just not feeling hot today. And I am feeling hot today. I am in a funk and I’m funky.

Unlike Jonathon, I did not indulge in foods direct from the great salt lick; however, I want to indulge in visions of the Great Salt Lake.

I am sick, but I don’t want to stay at home cozied up in comfy blanket sipping hot cider. That was a Past Perfect moment. I want a Future Perfect Moment.

I want to get in Golden Girl and find sharp new leaf green, tangy ocean blue, and huckleberry purple. Breath deep of air six degrees removed from an exhaust pipe.

I want to find a moment when the sun hits the trees and colors the world late afternoon green-gold, before dipping into its next show of the day, early evening purple-red-blue.

I want to listen to seagulls quarrel and sparrows cheep and crows caw and jays screech, and to the sweet notes from song birds blended into shadows, unseen but gloriously heard.

I want to walk on dusty roads, and across water slick rocks, and over sandy beaches, leaving my footprints for all to see — for a moment. I want to watch weeds rustle with unseen creatures and proud elk silhouetted against wind blown cliff and shy crab scuttling away from predatory bird-like eyes.

I want to feel the warmth of the sun on my skin and my face, and the chill of winds blowing across ice and snow and the sparkling clarity and black velvet closeness of a night lit by a thousand million billion stars.

I want to take pictures and bring them back and most likely bore you all, and quite possibly amuse you all, and perhaps send one or three of you away with thoughts of “Oh God, she’s out taking pictures again. Is this going to be followed by more feminist crap?”

And I want to share with you moments of magic that occur in my world if I just get away from wires and a keyboard and a flat screen and, well, all of you.

Monday is Earth Day. In celebration of our world. Our home. All of our home. I don’t care where you are, where you live, I will, eventually, inhale the air you exhale.

By the way, did you have garlic for dinner?

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