Getting hammered

Someone used a fake email address from my ‘’ domain to send a huge spam emailing and I’m getting hammered with email rejections and mail delivery system failures.

If I find the little creep that did this, I’m going to take out that virus code someone embedded in my comments and use it to fry his machine.

Don’t send email directly to me until I send all clear.¬†All clear. The email to the bogus email address is being directed to the email blackhole.


Email is originating from servers.

Update Two

Nope, they were victims, too. This could be an email virus. Get an email from ‘’, delete immediately.

Update Three:

Have forwarded all email to email blackhole, so I’m no longer getting all the responses, though my server is still getting hammered (less than if delivered, though). Question: who is email spam/virus expert in audience? I want to find out where these things originated. I’ve kept all the emails with the headers.

Last Update:

The email forwarding didn’t take at first, but is finally working. All total over a 1000 emails in a very short time. Many of the rejections were from automated virus scanning systems, so I know that the email did contain a virus.

I’m going back to bed.

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