Just Shelley

Glass half full kind of day

I am feeling particularly verbose today. Sun’s shining after several days of cloudy weather and it feels good coming in through the window. Zoe is stretched out on the desk next to me, turning her stomach to the sun like the brazen little hussy she is, every once in a while looking at me out of her green and orange eyes as if to say, “Don’t you wish you could have a pretty belly like mine?”

I’m playing with some old slides today, and listening to some fine music while I’m doing it. I’ve been in a mood for nicely ripe music lately – Petula Clark, the Supremes, Shangri-Las, Angels, Jan and Dean. I know that none of you will admit to listening to anything other than Bob Dylan or James Taylor, but I’m shameless – I love that wonderful old and funky rock n’ roll. Sitting in the sun, fooling around with old photos, and listening to good tunes with my sugar kitty next to me – sweet.

(What say, Jeneane – shall we boogie? We’ll get our home girls to join in.)

Speaking of contentment and home girls, I have enjoyed, immensely, the responses to the Blogs with best Female Spirit essay – especially from the nominated writers who took the awards in the, well, spirit in which they were intended.

And I have a funny for you – type the words ‘miserable failure’ into Google and push the “I feel lucky” button. (Found at Sam’s)


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