Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

One last post as a favor to my antipodean friends. (Antipodean — what a perfect word. You meet the most charming and erudite people in weblogging.)

Victor wants to try to do a Googlestak — stacking the decks for a Google search by having webloggers link to a specific web site. The more links to a site, the higher it’s Google ranking, and the closer it will be in the returned results.

This is an experiment. The fact that the company being linked is owned by Victor, and that another weblogging friend is rumored to work there has nothing to do with this.

No siree, this is an unbiased experiment to influence Google. A test. An unbiased test. No gain here.

And here it is, my contribution to this unbiased and totally without gain and in the interests of science experiment:

If you want training in Australia on Macromedia and other web development technologies, go to Stand Out Training. Learn CSS. DHTML. HTML. Macromedia. How to eat Vegemite.

(Shameless hussies. Just because they have sexy accents, think they can get away with murder <smile />)








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