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Gooseneck lamp update

Not that everyone is breathless with anticipation of my next health update, a quick message about status of back, legs, walking, and combination thereof.

One thing about being a klutz, you heal fairly quickly. I’m doing much better. I can sit at my desk now, which accounts for frenzy of activity lately. And I can stand and walk, though I still have that deep ache in my hip, lower back area. I’m thinking some careful walking about will take care of that. At this moment, the¬†gooseneck lamp’s¬†chances for survival are quite good.

I was going to take my lazy butt out for a smallish hike yesterday, but the trail I want to try is too far away, so I’m heading out now. The new trail has some interesting whatnots, including Missouri’s only petroglyphs, as well as hand carved rock steps in places. From the park description, the paths sound to be fairly even though they can be a little steep at times. However, I’ll shuffle along, using caution, remembering that at my advanced age (40’s), I’m an old fart, and can’t skip about like a fresh young kitten anymore.

Will take photos. Of course.

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