Happy Cephalopodmas!

Of course I didn’t forget that this is Cephalopodmas day!

Others are also pointing this out, but I’ll give the tip of the tentacle to Laughing Squid for news about the new video of the giant squid, captured by a Japanese researcher. The video was of a smaller, immature giant squid, only about 11 feet long. Still, I can’t wait for the video to hit the internet.

Where else does one go when celebrating Cephalopodmas than Pharyngula, where PZ has so many good links, it’s hard to keep up. However, do check out the holiday greeting, the miscellany post, the baby squid and Cephalart.

Both Charles (earlier in the week) and Pink Tentacle point out the exquisite eco period illustrations of squid, octopus, and other sea creatures. These are amazingly beautiful. Charles sent me the link to this page and if you click the green button, you can access illustrations of octopus and squid. I’d love to prints of these.

Doug found the perfect gift for a woman like me, who appreciates octopus and tech equally: a USB/Firewire hub that looks like an octopus.

Last but not least, we must have music for this day: Thanks to Cephalopodcast for the link to the YouTube song Carol of the Old Ones.

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