Has the invasion started?

Mike Golby references a report in the suspect online publication DEBKA that the invasion of Iraq has already started.

According to the report, the invasion started August 6th with the seizure of Bamerni airport. In addition, DEBKA implies that the troops moving into Jordan for military exercises, are, in reality, moving in as part of a stealth invasion force. Unfortunately, the Islamist opposition to the leadership in Jordan also questions the presence of troops in Jordan at this time.

The current administration’s will we-won’t we talk and accompanying actions are generating confusion and fueling heightened tensions as well as increasing pro-Iraq and anti-US sentiments among many of the Arab countries and elsewhere. Perhaps President Bush sees this flexing of our muscles strategy as a way of forcing Hussein to humbly approach the UN and begin arms investigations again. If so, I do not see this strategy succeeding.

I, as an American citizen, shouldn’t have such a strong distrust of my President and his cabinet, but I do. I see no good coming from any of this.

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