Headers, Comments, and editing

I have been enjoying the Hubble headers. Of course, I have Hubble wallpaper on my machines, Hubble pictures on my walls, and books on Hubble, so no surprise here.

I’m not the first to use Hubble in site design and won’t be the last. A site can only improve with Hubble pictures.

Of course, the MissouriGreen site, which I hope to have up next week, will feature photos of Missouri. Naturally. Though I may try to sneak in some Hubble, as a reminder to Missouri folk that science is beautiful. Not that I would think people in Missouri would need this reminder.

My favorite of the headers? All of them, really, but I do have a slight partiality to this one.

As you may have noticed, I’ve turned off the ability to edit comments.

The approach I had developed worked quite nicely, but it is somewhat vulnerable. I’m working on a replacement that should be more robust. I may even throw in a little Ajax to provide for in-page editing, as well as a separate page for those with scripting turned off.

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